Day 1 – Research

July 20, 2009 at 1:15 pm (Uncategorized)

We propose to design a forum that can be integrated inside the blackboard and library. It will only be for educational purposes and so any socializing will not be permitted. Although there will be a chit chat area where students can discuss anything in general.

How will it work?

It will function like any normal forum by allowing university students to log in through the blackboard which will enable them to access the forum. The student will have the option to create threads and view discussions. The student will not need to sign up as it will be part of their university account.

Other than discussions, students can go view topics of their interests. When students are posting threads, they will have a choice of options such as uploading various types of media (text, images, videos, source files etc). It will allow students to not only upload but downloads will be permitted as well. Youtube videos can be embedded in the threads to show solution videos or tutorials etc.






We went onto this website: It has useful features that allow users to create many web based applications. What we now need to do is find out how we are going to integrate it into Google apps environment. To do this we have been conducting some research on various websites and reading up on tutorials.

Our first meeting we discussed possible design layouts for the forum and how the content should be structured. We also went onto google moderator to look at the features it provided to the user, and ways of using the google moderator to be implemented into a forum.

One of the issues we faced with google moderator it comes with its own custom built interface that cannot be changed, and is limited to the things you can do inside that environment other than asking questions, replying to questions and voting.

Wheras drupal is more open and lets you customize more or less to your liking


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