Day 4 – Understanding drupal environment

July 29, 2009 at 10:18 pm (Uncategorized)

We managed to set up the FTP at uni with the help of Andrew at the meeting. He uploaded the content of drupal onto his domain so that we can so we can access it from uni. We then tried to login to the server through ftp access to upload our own content but was unsuccessful due to univeristy blocking access. Therefore we set up the configurations using a differnet ftp method provided by one of our own domain. We then started work on drupal, we experimented with the environment and got a feel of how drupal works.

We played around with the themes and modules and learnt how to implement and install them to the correct drupal folders. This was little tricky to do at first as some errors would appear when adding the modules it would say missing module. To resolve this issue we ensured that the module we downloaded were compatible with our drupal version, and that all supporting parts for the modules were installed. We downloaded some modules that we can test on the forum that will allow the drupal enviroment to behave more like a forum.

This was the advanced forum we used:


This transformed the current layout to a more modern forum layout. The advanced forum gave improvements over the original forum as it provided users useful information such as; which users are logged in, total user count, improved icons, improved GUI etc…

We tried out different themes to see how it will structure the content and the different graphics that it will give. We looked at youtube video to see tutorials on how to create our own themes. We are currently using the drupal colorize theme for temporary use, but in future will create our own one using CSS style sheets and  photoshop.

Picture 2


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