New Forum Installation

August 4, 2009 at 2:12 pm (Uncategorized)

With the current drupal forum it had some major limitations that stopped us from making changes to it. Some of the limiations were;

  • The graphic were very simple
  • The child board would keep showing underneath the main topics that was a hassle
  • The interface of the forum was not very appealing and did not follow the standards of most forums
  • It did support any flash components and other stuff you would find in forums such as code tags. Some of these could be installed through modules but not all were available.

After some reseacrhing we found this module called SMF (Simple Machines Forum) Integration. This module allowed us to install a smf and intergrate it with drupal.

We had to first create my SQL database as shown on the screen shot below:

Picture 1

we then downloaded the SMF module from the website:

Picture 3

we then uploaded the SMF files into the domain were the website will be hosted to:

Picture 4

Picture 1

As the current design is a template created by another author we do not want to use their colour scheme and the logo, icons etc. We are trying to get the look and feel of the forum to go with the look for Westminster university. To do this we had to go inside the theme and layout settings and change the .CSS style sheets and customise it to our requirements.  Below shows an example of this:

Picture 2


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