Forum feedback (questions & suggestions)

August 12, 2009 at 6:03 pm (Uncategorized)

After creating the forum we showed it at the twoler meeting. Some of the feedback we got from the meeting was that the forum should not follow the same layout as the university, but instead It should be unique and stand out so the students would be more keen to use it. We also created a Questionnaire to get valuable feedback from everyone:

Below is the questions and some answers we got:

1. Currently we structured the forum by campuses, do you like this structure?

The ordering of the campuses, why are they in that order? which campuses are larger, shouldn’t they be at the top?
You might wanna think about activities on each campus rather than looking so formal, something fun in each campus.
child boards? can you rename “child boards” to something else?
The name “Westminster Forum”, something a bit more catchy perhaps?

2. Should we stick with current theme we have for the forum?

No, it looks to formal and the uni marketing team will prob have a fit if they saw it. I liked the other theme you did, the black one with the funky colours. You wanna make it look less official uni property and a site done by the students, for the students.

3. Other than the current sections, what new sections would you like to be added on to the forum?

Have a look what other university forums have on theirs like
they also have a UoW page
A Twoler competition section – a must for any UoW forum  Grin

4. Should we allow external users from outside the university gaining access to the forum?

Yes, because it will allow perspective students to ask questions…. that could be a new section?
No, because you’ll have more chances of people trying to flog stuff on there that shouldn’t be on there, other uni students poaching ideas etc etc.
However, if it’s gonna be available to everybody the chances you have more people using it because the content added will be greater.

5. What additional features would you want the forum to have?

Competition functionality so you can run a competitions if you wanted, or if anybody else wanted.
Can you embed youtube video’s or pictures etc on posts?

6. Some tutors/staff may have links from outside university should they allow student information to be shared for job opportunities?

Staff and tutors should be aware of what, if any, info can be shared about the students. Data protection acts come in to play etc etc
Don’t know what exactly you mean by the question, clarify please.

7. Suggest topic names, how they can be improved

Twoler competition topic and it should be right at the top of the forum  Grin

Forgot to mention that you have some competition in the form of UWSU facebook disscussion pages. There must be other places as well.


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