Forum Errors & debugging

September 11, 2009 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

We wanted to install a package to our forum that will welcome users to the forum with a nice greeting depending upon the time. This is when we came across this package “Custom Greeting Depending Upon Time”. This mod will change “Hello Name” to a custom greeting, depending on what time it is.

so for example:
12:00am – 5:59am will display “Up Late Aren’t We”
6:00am – 6:59am will display “Are you the early bird”
7:00 – 11:59am will display “Good Morning”
12:00pm – 5:59pm will display “Good Afternoon”
6:00pm – 9:59pm will display “Good Evening”
10:00pm – 11:59pm will display “Souldn’t You Be Going To Bed Soon”

when installing the package, the package installed successfully, however afterward it was a catastrophe.  We were unable to login to the forum because of an error with the package conflicting with something.

Picture 4

To overcome this we did  try removing the package from the forum by accessing the adminstrator area, but that failed as it did not allow ius any access. This then led us to having to delete it manually by accesessing the root folder in the main FTP directories. We made a backup of the forum file were are forum was installed. We then downloaded a new version of our forum and replaced the old one to see wether it had reset the forum to its orginal state.But after we find out it was still showing an error message as shown on below screenshot:

Picture 2

So after this serious error we then did some debugging to trace the error located on the “index.php on line 164”.  We then edtied it manually and replaced it to see if it makes any different

below shows a screenshot of it:

Picture 1

on line 164-166 variables were commented out so that they do not interfere with the forum.  This was successful and the forum was back on form.


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